Business Intelligence

Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Intelligence

Need flexible financial statements and detailed management reports?
We offer unparallel service and expertise in Management Reporter, Jet Reports, Crystal Reports, SSRS and a number of other reporting tools and techniques.

Want to make the future less unknown?
By using advanced statistical algorithms we allow our customers to gain the understanding of the past, monitor the present and forecast the future. From the advanced ERP systems to traditional supply chain management software there are plenty of offerings on the market that can summarize the data based on the transactions and report the results after the fact.

We take you a step further where based on the past transactional activity and performance we can “look” into the future and make it less unknown. Imagine what you can do with that knowledge! In the inventory area the demand can be estimated and the inventory replenished before your next order turns into the backorder.

Trying to optimize your sales force?
With the industry data analysis the decision whether to hire a salesperson and to what sales territory stops being a guess.

Need to know how much raw material to purchase to satisfy manufacturing demand?
Based on the past sales performance we can help you answer that question.

Need to create a sales forecast?
We can help you here as well. All this leads to the higher customer satisfaction and increase in operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Top to bottom, bottom up models are created. The results are delivered not only as plain numbers but also in a user friendly, interactive graphical format.

Here examples of analysis that we can perform:

  • Forecasting at any levels of the organization
    • Inventory Demand
    • Sales Forecast (Sample of Forecast)
  • Sales Force Alignment to Territories
  • Sales Force Size and Structure
  • Powerful Heat Maps (Example of Heat Map)
  • Data Mining and Data Management (Sample of Data Analysis)
    • Accurate on Time and On Demand Reporting
    • Custom Data and Event Driven Alerts
    • EDI Data Analysis
  • Pricing Optimization more
  • Resources Optimization
  • Inventory Optimization