Microsoft Dynamics GP in Pharmaceutical Company

Case Studies: Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP in Pharmaceutical Industry.

Growing pharmaceutical company can now satisfy serious business requirements by replacing outdated technology.

The environment

Growing pharmaceutical company, a reseller of over-the-counter drugs, was struggling with outdated software and technology solutions. The software did not provide the level of integration the growing business needed. The Purchasing modules were dissimilated from inventory.

The company had to incur significant consulting expenses every month during the period closing process. The closing cycle was unacceptably long and technically complicated. The company had difficulties managing complex chargeback procedure from major customers and because of that had difficulties generating reports required by the government.

The Solution

After a few weeks of discovery process and thorough analysis of the business, our team created a plan of actions. It was determined that the company needed new, more robust accounting solution package for the core business, integrated EDI components for trading with major customers, WMS (Warehouse Management System) for automation of warehouse operations.

It was also determined that a custom software would have to be written to automate the process of receiving, managing and integrating voluminous chargebacks. Another customization would have to be created for automating the process of generating CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicate Services) report.

Aside from these customizations the customer had made request to automate several validation processes. These validations included case pack control, duplicate purchase orders control, missing and incorrect price controls.

The Execution

Based on the results of valuation of several software systems Microsoft Dynamics GP was selected as a hub of the business to integrate all areas of operation, streamline business processes and eliminate bottlenecks. Appropriate integrated components for EDI and WMS were selected as well.

Along with the selection of software packages the team created specifications for necessary customizations. The sufficient budget for the hardware, software, implementation and customizations was established.

Within a few short months the hardware was procured, software was successfully installed, configured and customized. Developers’ team has delivered customizations, implementation team performed the data conversion, trained the users and the company was running its operations on the new system.

The Benefits

As a result of the implementation the company performance improved across all departments. All users started operating with the same set of data. That significantly reduced the time for research and analysis required for processing transactions. Employees spend less time searching for information and more time moving the business forward. The delays of updating the inventory records were eliminated. The time required for the month end closing process was significantly reduced. Time required for processing chargebacks and CMS reports went from weeks to minutes.

By having the information at their fingertips users were able to make better proactive decisions and get more satisfaction from performing their jobs.

Since technical limitations for company growth were removed the company was able to increase the sales efforts backed up by timely orders fulfillment. That allowed pursuing wider customer base and paved the way for higher customer satisfaction and more loyal customer base.

Within two years the company sales went from $40 to $60 million dollars without increase in personnel. The streamlined flow of data drastically reduced the cost per transaction and improved the bottom line.